FALL RIVER — A pit bull is under quarantine after biting a 1-year-old girl on the head and leg in Fall River on Monday.

The Herald News reports that the girl's 21-year-old father had opened the screen door of his apartment in the 500-block of North Underwood Street to let his girlfriend's dog in the house. Police say the father did not know that the child was leaning on the door when he went to open it, which caused the child to fall forward. That's when police say the dog bit her head.

A nearby resident noticed the incident and rushed to the house to help. The woman was able to pry the dog's jaws from the child's head, but the dog proceeded to bite down on the girl's leg.

The woman repeatedly hit and choked the dog until it released its grip on the young girl.

The 1-year-old girl was transported to Charlton Memorial Hospital and then later taken to Hasbro Children's Hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening wounds.

Police say the dog's owner informed them that the dog has been around the child in the past and has never shown any signs of aggression toward her.

The dog has been placed in the custody of Fall River Animal Control where it will remain in quarantine for ten days. If the dog does not have a contractible disease or become involved in another incident during that time it will be released.

No charges have been filed in connection to the incident.

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