A Fall River police officer stopped traffic to come to the aid of a driver in distress. A passerby caught it on all video as the officer rolled up his sleeves to push the vehicle to safety.

Mikey Souza, Jr. was on his way to a job site with some of his coworkers when he noticed a police officer come to a halt and stop the flow of traffic. The officer had arrived quickly on scene, jumped out of his patrol car, and walked over to the car stopped at the light near Anawan Street by Work Out World.

Souza noticed the broken-down car had its hazard lights on, so he decided to catch the scene on video.

The video shows the officer pushing the car to the side of the road as the distressed driver steered to safety.

That area is no stranger to traffic. Without the help of the officer, that driver could have been in a very sticky situation.

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It’s safe to say this officer went above and beyond, and Souza took notice.

“He took his time to block traffic and get out and help this motorist push it across the WOW parking lot," he said. "Not saying there isn’t great law enforcement in this city, but this is something you don’t normally see.”

Lieutenant Gregory Wiley of the Fall River Police Department confirmed that the officer involved was Officer Connor Levesque.

Citizens of Fall River are in good hands, thanks to officers like this one.

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