FALL RIVER — On September 20th, at approximately 03:50 pm,  officers of the Fall River Police Departments Uniform Division responded to Saint Anne’s Credit Union 2031 South Main Street on a report of an unarmed robbery.

Upon arrival, the officer was informed that a male had entered the bank and approached the counter. The suspect unfolded a note and handed it to a teller. The note directed the teller to give all the big bills. Upon receiving the cash the suspect, described as a white male with a bushy beard, wearing a black ball cap, a black hooded sweatshirt, sunglasses, and jeans, fled from the bank headed north.

Officers canvassed the area. During that canvass, officers located a witness who observed the suspect run past. The witnesses identified the suspect as a kid he knew from the neighborhood named Kalvin. The witness went on to say the suspect ran by without saying hi. Officers performed a social media search and located a Kalvin Boule with a picture. A surveillance photo was obtained from the Saint Anne’s Credit Union Surveillance system for comparison and found to be a match.

Officers went to St. Anne’s Credit Union and presented their findings to the lead detective and officer. Past addresses were checked and that revealed that Boule was the male in the surveillance photo and had just left a King Phillip Street address on foot heading for an appointment in the north end.

Local taxicab services were checked and one was found to have picked up a male on South Main Street heading for South Coast Marketplace on Canning Boulevard.

Officers were dispatched to South Coast Marketplace and on their arrival observed a taxi with a lone male occupant. As the officers approached, the male fled the cab but was quickly captured.

Kalvin M. Boule, 25 of Globe Street, Fall River was taken into custody and charged with Unarmed Robbery.

Fall River Police Department

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