FALL RIVER — On Saturday, November 25, Officer Matthew Gauvin and Moses Pereira of the Fall River Police Departments Special Operations Divisions Impact Task Force were armed with a valid arrest warrant for 33-year-old Andrew Raposo at his residence located at 230 Brownell Street, Apartment 2, in Fall River.

Upon arrival, Officer Gauvin knocked on the door and announced their presence as Fall River Police Officers. A second knock was performed adding, “Andrew Raposo, come to the door." Raposo replied he would be a minute.

Gauvin and Pereira were now joined by Officers Stukus and Mendes. Officers could hear Raposo rummaging through items inside the apartment. In fear Raposo was preparing to arm himself, Officer Stukus forced the door open. Raposo was standing near a desk. Officer Gauvin immediately placed Raposo in handcuffs for everyone's safety.

On the desk where Raposo was standing, Officer Mendes located a large bag with a white powdery substance believed to be fentanyl, two scales, and packaging materials associated with distribution.

Raposo was taken into custody and charged with trafficking in fentanyl (40 grams), as well as being arrested on the outstanding warrant.

--Fall River Police

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