FALL RIVER — On September 24th, at approximately 6:00 pm, Fall River Police Department's Special Operations Division Gang Unit Officers were on patrol in street clothes and operating an unmarked police cruiser traveling west on Palmer Street toward South Main Street. The Officers observed a red Ford Focus stopped approximately twenty-five feet away from the South Main Street stop sign.

The Officers pulled up behind the vehicle and observed the operator and passenger involved in matters unrelated to operating a motor vehicle, and that they were unaware the vehicles in front of them drove away leaving the Focus twenty-five feet from the intersection and stop sign.

The Focus suddenly drove off, failing to stop at the stop sign and made a right turn followed by another right turn onto Peckham Street and nearly sideswiped the vehicles parked on Peckham Street. The Focus drifted to the left side of the road, into oncoming traffic then attempted to enter a driveway on Peckham Street. Officers activated the cruiser emergency lights and stopped the vehicle.

An officer recognized the operator as Kristopher Moss and remarked that he did not have a license to operate a motor vehicle. Mr. Moss made several movements including turning his back to the officers, placing his hands between his legs, and reaching under his buttocks. After repeated request to stop his movements and for his failure to comply, the officer removed Mr. Moss from the vehicle for their safety. As they did the officers observed a large quantity of suspected cocaine packaged for street-level sales in the seat.

The total quantity of cocaine seized amounted to 80 grams.

Kristopher Moss, 28, of Grinnell Street, is charged with trafficking Cocaine, operating a motor vehicle with suspended license, failure to stop at a stop sign. and failure to use care.

Fall River Police Department

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