Fall River Police are investigating after a pet cat had to be put down after being shot by a BB gun.

Earlier this week, Tucker Street resident Shelly Borges found her beloved pet named Wolf badly injured next to her pool. She rushed him to the veterinarian, who took X-rays and found a metal BB pellet lodged in the animal's spine. The animal was paralyzed, suffering, and had to be put down, Borges told ABC6.

"It's tragic. It's heartbreaking. I loved that cat so much," Borges said.

She said it broke her heart to lose her 10-year-old cat, and said her dog had also been shot in the past with a BB gun. The incident happened right near where a stray cat taken in by another woman was found riddled with BB shot in January.

Borges called Fall River police, and detectives were seen going door to door interviewing neighbors. WBSM has reached out to the Fall River Police Department seeking additional details.

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