FAIRHAVEN -- The unofficial election results are in, and it seems Fairhaven voters have resoundingly rejected a Proposition 2 1/2 tax override that would have seen extra taxes raised to solve a budget shortfall.

A tax override allows the town to raise taxes over the 2.5% maximum annual increase, which town officials had asked for in order to raise an extra $450,000 in funding.

According to the unofficial tally, in Monday's special election 1,423 voters (67%) were against the proposed measure, while 690 (33%) voted for it.

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In total, 2,113 registered voters in Fairhaven cast their ballots today -- representing around 17% of the town's roughly 12,000 voters, or around 13% of its population.

Officials had said the override was necessary this upcoming fiscal year due to a $450,000 budget shortfall, caused in part by rising costs and inflation.

Since the override failed to pass, the school district's budget will be cut by $200,000 and the town government's by $250,000 as compared to what their funding would have been if the override did pass.

However, Town Meeting will not have to approve the cuts, as both budgets have already been approved earlier this spring, depending on the results of the override vote.

According to the town's website, the $200,000 cut from the schools would have gone to social service initiatives like the family center as well as youth activities, while much of the $250,000 would have gone to town employee salaries in various departments.

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