If you want a nice blast of nostalgia from the 1980s, we definitely have it for you.

We came across this school bus safety video from the year 1986. Not only is it filled with a busload and classroom full of Fairhaven kids, but the video also shows some throwback shots of some Fairhaven neighborhoods.  One bus stop was Elm Avenue.  The scene where the child lost the ball was on Main Street near Oxford Street (by Screenworks Screenprinting).

There's even an interesting shot of Route 6 in Fairhaven. The old Midas Muffler is clearly seen along with the building that currently houses Sweet Ginger Chinese restaurant.

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It is unclear if Burger King had yet replaced Burger Chef.

Also prominently featured in the video is the old Leroy Wood School in Fairhaven.  There are a few exterior shots as the bus pulls onto the property. There is also a lengthy scene with a classroom teacher, Gail Enos, who is dropping her knowledge of school bus safety to a room full of attentive students, who were chosen from both Fairhaven and New Bedford schools.

Some quick math reveals that those students are now rounding 50 years old.  The blonde boy pictured above is Thomas Crabbe, who is now the owner of Crabbe Chiropractic in New Bedford.

David Fortin via Facebook
David Fortin via Facebook

The video was shot by David Fortin. He believes the video was used state-wide and remembers the day clearly.

"We prepared for that shoot for months," Fortin said. "When we went out to film, it was like clockwork. In addition to the school bus, Medeiros Bus brought an air-conditioned luxury coach so that the kids would be able to stay cool and have some snacks while waiting for their scene."

Months later, after the editing was finally completed, Fortin was so pleased he sprung for a premiere party.

"Everyone who helped was invited," Fortin said. "Of course the kids loved it. We rented spotlights that we shined up into the Fairhaven sky. My wife reminds me that I probably spent more money on the premiere than I earned with the whole project."

The video features an incredibly catchy original song that quickly becomes an earworm.

"Think... about ... your safety now

This goes ... for you ... and me

Let's hope your teacher shows you how..."

Fun 107 morning show cohost Maddie and I played the song Wednesday morning in the hope that it will get stuck in the heads of everyone listening.

Hey, nothing wrong with promoting safety first.

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