Fairhaven Police are warning residents to be vigilant and to lock their doors, as a rash of car break-ins around town continues. Early Tuesday morning, cameras placed in the neighborhood of the former Rogers School picked up two suspects police think are responsible.

Fairhaven Police posted this message Tuesday afternoon on their Facebook page: 

"We’ve got some real bold people walking around town lately! There has to be a disappointed parent or angry ex out there who can give us some info on these two. You can see in the video that the second person has a different gate with their right foot turning inward as they walk."

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Police were hoping someone might recognize one of the suspects and be willing to help authorities put an end to the car break-ins that have been occurring. Fairhaven Police say that break-ins were reported in the area of Center, Hitch, and Adams streets overnight, as indicated in the map above.

This footage was captured at approximately 1 a.m. The suspects were unknowingly followed on different private surveillance videos throughout the neighborhood for the next hour or so.

Residents in Fairhaven Village should check to make sure their cars haven't been broken into overnight, and if so, to make sure to report the crime to Fairhaven Police.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Lt. Kevin Bobza at the Fairhaven Police Department at (508) 997-7421.

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