From the early days when radio legend Russ Baldwin would give me a lift to work, I've seen the Baldwin family grow into outstanding, active and devoted citizens. His son Bob Baldwin, the former Superintendent of Fairhaven Public Schools and new executive director of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA), is bringing some the standards and principles he was brought up with to the heart of Massachusetts high school sports.

Have you been following the revolting and disgusting incidents about high school football and hockey dysfunction? It is bad and nothing on the horizon gives us an indication that things will straighten themselves out.

From unthinkable Holocaust-related football call plays that have been passed down as if it was an inheritance, to fallacious ethnic and racial slurs to total behavioral dysfunction, Baldwin will begin an undertaking of righting the wrongs of a disconnected organization that would awaken once a year to schedule the playoffs. The MIAA could easily have been called the MIA.

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Since labor is in such short supply during these pandemic days, Baldwin will need the help, support, reinforcement and seal of approval of parents around the Commonwealth.

In short, grassroots parental participation behind Baldwin will fix the lack of civility problem, and will begin a powerful public voice that will make an obstruction an opportunity.

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