Customers are buzzing about The Nook, Fairhaven's newest coffee shop, during its first full week in business. 

The Nook, located at 58 Washington St., is owned by longtime Fairhaven resident and self-proclaimed "chemist of coffee" Paul Menard.

The drink menu features traditional coffees like lattes and espresso as well as Nook signature brews.

The Blue Devil Brew is the house cold brew coffee that has double the caffeine but is much smoother and less acidic than regular iced coffee.

The Local Buzz is their "melted coffee ice cream drink," according to Menard. It features Blue Devil Brew along with Madagascar vanilla beans plus a touch of locally sourced organic honey and maple syrup.

Though it's not yet ready, a nitro brew will be available that offers a brew very similar to a coffee stout but with rich coffee flavor and served in a frosted mug for in-house customers.

The Nook also offers iced tea, fresh-squeezed juices and a wide variety of freshly-baked treats, including linguica rolls, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, pies and much more.

The coffee house will also soon feature a menu of allergy friendly options for those with peanut, dairy, gluten and other common food allergens.

As a small business, Menard plans to do a lot of things that will be unique to The Nook, such as arcade tournaments, live entertainment, open-mic night, cereal buffets and even a "Heisenberg Night."

Menard said The Nook is all about keeping things local and providing the best coffee experience to all who walk through the door. With such a warm, friendly atmosphere and a variety of caffeinated drinks and tasty treats, it will be hard not to become a regular.

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