A salmonella outbreak on Maradol papayas that was previously linked to 12 states, including Massachusetts, has been expanded.

According to WPRI 12, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that 64 more people have become sick since July 21, bringing the total to 109 cases.

People from six more states have reported being ill over the recalled papayas. Those states include Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin.

Four illnesses have been reported in Connecticut and an additional two cases have been reported in Massachusetts, bringing the total of sick people there to three.

"The CDC says Cavi and Valery brand Maradol papayas are now being recalled, joining the Caribeña brand, which were recalled last month."

All three brands of papayas were imported into the United States from the Carica de Campeche papaya farm in Mexico.

Currently, the FDA is working to identify other brands that may have come from that farm, in order to facilitate recalls.

It is recommended by the CDC that consumers should not eat the recalled papayas. Also, restaurants should not serve them and retailers not sell the recalled papayas.

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