Friday’s snowstorm had everyone reaching for their shovels and snowblowers, but one Easton man decided to get the ball rolling on a master plan involving his caravan and a piece of plywood.

It’s a classic case of work smarter not harder, and Baltazar Ibanez may have cracked the code for the dreaded chore of clearing snow.

When Ibanez saw the storm was coming to Easton on Friday, he refused to spend another winter hunched over a shovel.

“Every year, I end up with an injury,” he said. “I’m going to save my back this year.”

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With his snowblower on its last leg and his distaste for manual shoveling in the forefront of his mind, he did some research and came across a guy who had attached a piece of plywood to his vehicle and created a makeshift snow plow.

Courtesy of Baltazar Ibanez
Courtesy of Baltazar Ibanez

As soon as he saw this idea, Ibanez was all in.

“I got a piece of plywood for around $15  and jerry-rigged it to my caravan,” he explained. “I did a trial run the day before, woke up the day of the storm, and got to work.”

With his daughter recording, Ibanez put his caravan in reverse and began pushing the snow out of the way like a veteran snow plow. He spun out a few times, but once he got the hang of it, he was so satisfied with the result.

“It was very rewarding at the end to see the driveway cleared out within minutes instead of hours,” he said.

He considered bringing this monumental idea to Shark Tank, but he’s afraid they might laugh him out of the conference room. So for now, this fun little idea will save his back in the wintertime, and continue to collect himself views on his now-viral video.

@baltazarinthehouse Man vs Snow! I win! #diy#baltazarentertainment#snowday♬ Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - Dean Martin

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