WAREHAM — On Friday, December 15th at approximately 9:00 a.m., the Wareham Police Department received a 911 call from a male motorist who reported a handgun was pointed at him by another male motorist during a traffic incident that occurred on Glen Charlie Road in East Wareham. Within seconds, the other involved motorist called Wareham Police to report the traffic incident. Both operators were advised to pull over to a safe location and stand by to speak with responding police officers.

Investigation of the incident by responding officers led to the discovery of a previously described 9mm handgun, which was loaded and located inside the vehicle operated by 30-year-old East Wareham resident Ryan Bowers. Although Bowers denied pointing the weapon at the complaining motorist, he stated an incident occurred on Glen Charlie Road when he believed he was cut off.

It should be noted that no gun shots were fired, and there were no reported injuries by either involved party, and the valid license to carry firearms held by Bowers was immediately suspended by the Wareham Police Department.

As a result of the investigation headed by Officer Matthew Donovan, Ryan Bowers was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon (handgun) and transported to Wareham District Court for arraignment after booking procedures were completed at police headquarters.

--Wareham Police

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