WAREHAM — An East Wareham man is arrested on multiple charges after he attempts to run--and then swim--away from police.

On Saturday, April 14 at about 12:40 p.m., Officer Calib Larue was on patrol in the Shangri-La area, when he observed a blue Jeep that had been reported stolen earlier in the day.

Officer Larue stopped the Jeep on Mayflower Lane and attempted to place Michael Carter, 24, of 2 Hardy Road in East Wareham under arrest for operating the vehicle. As he was being placed into custody, Carter struck Officer Larue's hand and fled on foot. Officer Larue pursued Carter on foot through the woods and backyards of Mayflower Lane, headed towards Plymouth Avenue.

The pursuit continued across Plymouth Avenue, down Hardy Road onto the beach of White Island Pond, where Carter entered the water and began swimming away from Officer Larue. Officers Steve Joy and Chris Smith arrived to assist, and a perimeter was set up under the direction of Sgt. Paul Somers. Carter began taunting officers by yelling profanities and saying, "Come get me!"

The Department of Natural Resources was summoned to the scene, and deployed a boat to continue to pursuit of Carter. DNR Officers Michael McGuire and Josh Kimball were able to place Carter into custody on the west side of White Island Pond. Wareham EMS transported Carter to Tobey Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

After he was released from the hospital, Carter was transported to Wareham Police headquarters for processing and then taken to the Plymouth House of Correction, where he is being held on $500 bail. Carter is scheduled to be arraigned in Wareham District Court Tuesday morning on charges of: use of a motor vehicle without authority; operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license; operating an unregistered motor vehicle; disorderly conduct; disturbing the peace; resisting arrest.

--Wareham Police

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