In East Wareham, an adorable donkey is on the mend at Peace for Ponies after being rescued from a kill pen in Maine. She has taken a turn for the better, and it’s officially time to give her a name, but Peace for Ponies needs our help.

Last week, I introduced you to a struggling donkey. She was having trouble gaining weight and Kendra Bond, owner of Peace for Ponies, put an alert out for blankets. Two local women came through and created a one-of-a-kind donkey sweater and donkey earmuffs, and the donkey quickly became an overnight sensation online due to the cuteness overload.

Bond is ecstatic about the donkey’s progress over the past few weeks. When the donkey arrived at the shelter, she was covered in fleas and scabs. Now, she is beginning to show her true personality as she continues to heal in a safe space.

“She has opened our hearts and so many people have stepped up to help,” Bond wrote on Facebook.

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She may be the cutest thing online right now, but this donkey is still nameless, so Peace for Ponies is hosting “The Name Game.”

It’s $5 a vote, and all the proceeds go towards the Peace for Ponies animals.

Some contenders are starting to pull away in the race for a name. Here are the leading names:

  1. Sylvie, 12 votes
  2. Ginger, 12 votes
  3. Sugarplum, 8 votes
  4. Joy, 6 votes
  5. Xaria, 5 votes

Cast your vote for this sweet girl and follow Peace for Ponies for the daily content of cute animals.

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