New Bedford Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Pia Durkin, is voicing her support for legistlation that would continue education through the summer months. Durkin spoke in favor of the bill on Beacon Hill Monday.

Durkin tells WBSM News the pilot grant program would partner the school district with educational venues like the Whaling Museum, the Art Museum, and others that would offer educational and fun programs to students during their summer break. "We would develop programs with them with funding from the state, that would allow our kids to have not only a jam-packed summer, but to be able to tie in the learning standards that we want them to not lose traction over during those summer months," said Durkin.

Durkin says in many cases, students don't retain what they've learned from the previous school year when they return after summer vacation.

The pilot program is geared towards districts with high concentrations of low-income students. The bill currently sits in the Legislative Committee.