NEW BEDFORD — The Department of Public Infrastructure is continuing ongoing construction at the High Hill Reservoir during the week of April 8.

Flushing the water piping network may cause temporarily discolored water for some residents. The water is safe, and the discoloration will be temporary.

If water is discolored, DPI recommends that residents allow the water to settle for a few hours, and then flush the service line. To flush the service line, let the bath or shower faucet run for several minutes until the water clears.

Water discoloration is caused by temporary disturbances of the normal water flow within the city’s piping network as the pipes are flushed. This can stir up naturally occurring minerals and sediment that have built up along water mains. The water remains safe and discoloration should only occur temporarily.

For more information, residents may contact the water division of DPI at (508) 979-1550.

Information from the City of New Bedford

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