NEW BEDFORD — New Bedford Police are investigating a late night crash involving a stolen motor vehicle from the town of Fairhaven. On Thursday evening at approximately 10:30 p.m., detectives spotted a Honda Civic operating the wrong way on Acushnet Avenue near Beetle Street. As detectives attempted to pull over the vehicle, it sped off and eventually got onto Route 18 southbound.

As detectives got onto Route 18, they later discovered the vehicle had crashed at the Purchase Street exit.

The vehicle rolled over upon impact of the guardrail, and the single male operator was partially ejected from the vehicle. The male operator sustained serious injuries, including his left arm being severed at the elbow, and was transported to Rhode Island Hospital where he is listed in serious condition.

The vehicle he was operating was stolen near Paul’s Sports Corner in Fairhaven shortly before being spotted by detectives. The male operator had no identification on him and his identity was unknown until Friday morning, when New Bedford Police Detectives were able to fingerprint him and submit the prints to the Mass State Police in Lakeville, where his prints were put through the AFIS system and identified.

He has been identified as a 56-year-old male from Dorchester, MA. His identity is being held pending notification to next of kin. This male has an extensive record in Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. It has been learned that there is a full extradition warrant from Atlanta. Georgia for parole violations and also an outstanding warrant from Brookline, Mass district court for him.

The New Bedford Police Department’s accident reconstruction team is also assisting in the investigation. He will be facing several charges.

--New Bedford Police

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