If St. Cecilia is the saint watching over musicians, then Todd Baptista is the patron saint of preserving Doo-Wop and its golden stars of yesterday!

Todd Baptista's love for rhythm and blues music and vocal groups has been a lifelong passion of his. His literary works, which document the history of the era, have appeared in Goldtime, Echoes of the Past and in the liner notes for various compact disc reissue projects.

Todd's first book, Group Harmony: Behind The Rhythm And The Blues, was published in 1996, and many others since then. In addition to his literary works, Todd has co-produced dozens of first rate concerts featuring the greatest stars of Doo - Wop vocal group harmony pioneers.

Travel back to the days when Rock 'n Roll was young and the music was fun! Call to get your tickets for Doo-Wop 11, Saturday, March 28, featuring The Crystals, with "He's a Rebel" and "Do Doo Ron," The El Dorados with "Crazy Little Mama," Jimmy Clanton with "Venus in Blue Jeans" and the future of Doo Wop, a 19-year-old sensation by the name of Kid Kyle! Tickets start at $45 and are available by calling (508) 994-2900 or at www.zeiterion.org.

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