How about that, huh? Impressive? Well you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Jake Shimabukuro is coming to the Zeiterion Theater Thursday night! He is THE ukulele master! An up and coming professional artist, Jake became a Youtube sensation with one song, and was off and running from there.

Now, as part of a nationwide tour, I get to take part! I'm very excited to receive a ukulele signed by Jake at the Zeiterion Thursday night, and then get to learn how to play it!

A little background on me: I can sing, but I can't read a lick of music. I've chosen several instruments as a kid, but I've never followed through. I'm looking to turn that around, and the kind folks at the Symphony Music Shop in Dartmouth are going to help me out over the next several months.

As part of a brilliant program, 30 lucky people including myself, are receiving free ukulele lessons, and I get to learn how to play Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire!"

I'm very excited to learn how to play the ukulele, and I'll be updating you on my progress over the next few months as well. And it will all come to a head in January, when the students of the ukulele will perform live with the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra. COOL!

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