The Trump Administration has moved the country closer to being a color-blind society. Race-based school admissions are going the way of the "whites only" bathroom.

The use of skin color and ethnicity by the government to award and hurt American citizens is wrong. Many of the racial government policies have ended in this country. There are no longer signs on bathrooms that say "colored only" or "whites only" in the South. The military was desegregated in the 1940s after World War II.

Governor George Wallace, the segregationist Democrat of Alabama, famously stood in the door of his public university to prevent persons of a particular race from attending the school.

The administration of President Barack Obama tried to encourage schools to use race as a deciding factor in admissions with a series of guidelines to promote racial diversity on the campus.

The Trump administration is looking to remove racial barriers that the government has erected to prevent students of the wrong color from being admitted into a school.

According to a story from The Hill, "The Trump administration is specifically rescinding documents that laid out the legal recommendations and guidelines for schools that wanted to promote diversity. The documents focused on how to properly use race in admissions."

The group primarily injured by the Obama era guidelines is Asian American students. Using a factor like race, over which an individual has no control, as a basis of a government policy is wrong.

It was wrong when bathrooms, water fountains, and public bus seats were restricted by race, and it is was corrected. Certainly, the choice of schooling is more important than a water fountain or a bathroom.

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