There's a movement underway to make sure the murder of former New Bedford Veterans Agent Donald DePina will not be forgotten.

Childhood friend and community activist John "Buddy" Andrade is planning to honor DePina later this month during a vigil for Homicide Awareness Month.

"We're going to hold a vigil on December 20th at 5:30pm. It will be held at City Hall where the Vietnam Memorial is at, and it will be a fitting way to talk about guns, talk about the unnecessary violence and the senseless killings, and to honor Donald at the same time," said Andrade.

Donald DePina was shot and killed while driving a taxi cab on Saturday in New Bedford's North End.  Two teenagers, 18-year old Alexander Mills and a 16 year old male juvenile, have been charged in connection with DePina's death.

Andrade grew up with DePina. They played football for Old Rochester Regional High School in the mid-60's and served in Vietnam at the same time.

Andrade says he's still shocked about the circumstances of DePina's death. He called the killing "senseless."

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