The Massachusetts Senate booted one of their own from a chairman's position, but the "why" behind the ousting is the centerpiece of this appraisal.

Brockton State Senator Michael Brady, a Democrat, was taken off his chairmanship of the Joint Committee on Public Service because of his reckless decisions during a night of drinking and driving that happened over a year ago.

Here's the dilemma: how Brady tipped off the police officer to his position as a state senator. According to Brady, rather than hand over his driver's license, he forked out his State House ID from his jacket pocket because it was easier to grab than his driver's license in his wallet in his back pocket. This is SNL material, folks.

The Senate Ethics Committee, headed by Sen. Eric Lesser (D), reacted appropriately when the committee homed in on when and why Brady handed the arresting police officer his State House identification card, and his apparent craftiness about where he drank before getting behind the wheel.

According to Weymouth Officer Christopher Dangelo, Brady presented his State House ID after being ordered out of the car and informed that he'd need to complete sobriety tests. The officer remembers Brady telling him he's a state senator, something Brady says he's numb to, but can't dispute.

The fundamental question here is whether Brady doled out his State House ID in an attempt to undermine the field sobriety tests. I believe so and, I believe he was thrown out of his driver's seat because of that.

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