Hanging its Christmas tree upside down wasn't the plan at Under The Sun Farm in North Dighton, but a happy accident has turned into a seasonal tradition. If you have ever stopped into the store on Williams Street around the holidays, then you have probably seen this crazy tree, but do you know why it hangs upside down?

We spoke about the unusual upside down tree with Caitlin Teixeira, who along with her husband Milton Teixeira has been running the farm for the last five years. She told us that their traditional inverted tree was actually a complete accident.

"A wonderful friend had a pre-lit artificial tree he had never used still in the box and was looking to re-home, as a gift," she said. "As I opened the box, I set the instructions aside. I've put together trees before, I didn't think I'd need them. Got the tiny top, the medium middle, and the large bottom out of the box, but wait, where was the stand? All that was left was a very sturdy metal hook and strong screws. So, I went to the instructions. Step one secure the hook in the ceiling!"

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Needless to say, Teixeira was surprised, but delighted. She decided right away that the upside down tree would go "front and center right as you walk in the door and smack dab in the middle of the stand." That is just where you will find it every season since the upside down tree tradition started back in 2017.

So what's the next step after you hang your tree topsy-turvy style? Teixeira said "the decorations sit on the branches the same way a right side up tree would hold lights and garland," though I assume you'll want to secure the star with a little something extra.

You'll also want to get up to Under the Sun Farm by December 23 to see this upside down tree. After that, the farm shuts down for the season and will be closed for good at the Williams Street location. Yes, the farm is moving to a new location in the spring, so next holiday season you'll find this upside down tree in a completely new location.

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