The government of New Bedford has had two recent intrusions into City Hall: first, a break-in at the Elections Office, and then a crippling cyber attack.

New Bedford, Massachusetts is a city with a worldwide reputation. The earned reputation is based on the fishing industry. New Bedford fishermen have battled the Russians before and with the help of the federal government, they pushed the Russians aside.

Today, the city of New Bedford is represented by Congressman Bill Keating and he is the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, Energy, and the Environment. Keating has oversight of American policy regarding Russia and the energy markets in Europe that Putin and his cronies in the Kremlin need to survive.

The city of New Bedford is the largest community in Chairman Keating's district.

Certainly, the thugs in the Kremlin would take great pride in screwing around with the election results in Keating's district. There has been little discussion about the break-in at the New Bedford Elections Department offices at City Hall. Hopefully, the FBI and the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have investigated the break-in and know for certain the next elections aren't jeopardized by the burglary.

The attack on the City's computer system is also shrouded in mystery. The City is without much of its computer system currently because of the cyber attack. Is this an attack by a foreign government such as Russia?

Congressman Keating is at the forefront of American foreign policy and the Russians are very much aware of his leading role in Congress. Attacking Keating's district fits in with the way Putin's Russia operates in the world.

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