Mitchell began his weekly appearance on WBSM by promoting the New Bedford Festival Theater's production of "My Fair Lady," before host Barry Richard asked him if the announcement of the fundraising event meant he has indeed made a decision about seeking a fourth term at New Bedford's helm.

"We're nearing one," Mitchell responded. "We're getting closer and closer by the day."

Mitchell said fundraising is his least favorite part of running for office.

"It's not exactly the fun part of the job," he said. "Any elected official who says they relish the exercise of asking people for money has lost his or her sense of shame."

When pressed by Richard if the fundraiser was to build up funds for the future, since Mitchell doesn't currently show any campaign debts, the mayor was non-commital.

"Well you know, they say you raise money until you're not running anymore," he said. "If you're wondering if I have anything to announce today, Barry, I don't think I have anything to announce today."

"I just figured I'd come by to promote 'My Fair Lady,'" the mayor said with a laugh.

Nomination papers must be returned to the Election Office by August 15 for signature verification.

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