President Obama didn't elevate a racist to the vice presidency when he selected Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate. What has happened to the Democratic Party?

The latest fake outrage within the paid political class that is running the various candidates for the nomination of the Democratic Party is the bottom of the barrel–or at least it is until the next low.

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently expressed a desire for more civility in the political arena. This was never a controversial request in the past. President Ronald Reagan, when he was a candidate, made the same request and labeled it the "11th Commandment," for which he received much applause from his party.

Joe Biden expected too much knowledge and decency from the media and his fellow Democrats when he made a statement endorsing a return to civility. He cited two segregationist Democrat senators that he was able to work with in the past, when they all served together.

He pointed to Sen. James Eastland of Mississippi and Sen. Herman Talmadge of Georgia, both racist segregationists, as men he was able to work with despite having a deep disagreement with them on many issues.

Logically, one must point to people they disagree with to bolster the point that civility can happen in politics. It is impossible to make the point and then highlight working with people who you already agree with when attempting to make such a point.

The inability of his fellow senators to follow his logic is deeply troubling. President Obama should correct his party. Not because he wants to see Joe Biden as the next president, but because the truth matters and the country needs the Democratic Party as a viable political option.

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