Del's is by far Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts' favorite frozen lemonade, but it's come a long way since simply serving lemon-flavored ice in the late 1940s.

With a cooler-than-summer but warmer-than-normal fall lurking across New England, it seems like the perfect time for Del's to announce a new refreshing lemonade flavor perfect for the crisper weather.

No need to put aside your favorite frozen drink this season or to continue the lemonade-versus-watermelon debate any further.

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Introducing frozen apple cider.

Del's shared the news on its socials that this brand-new fall flavor had arrived and would be served this fall at select Del's locations.

The latest addition to Del's lengthy flavor lineup will have you tasting undertones of honey crisp apple, a sweet frozen treat for sure.

Of course, Del's fans can still order the classic lemonade as well as watermelon, blueberry, cherry, peach mango, blood orange and grapefruit wherever they find stands.

The frozen apple cider will be a seasonal flavor, so if it sounds good to you make sure you track one down to try while it lasts.

Hopefully, Del's will launch the new fall flavor near some apple orchards, so you can pick apples while drinking it, too.

One does have to wonder if the frozen pumpkin spice lemonade is coming our way next.

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