Massachusetts college kids have had enough of the high cost of higher education and are fighting back.

A handful of students have spent the last five days outside the offices of House Speaker Bob DeLeo and Senate President Karen Spilka, seeking meetings to make their case for increased state spending on higher education.

Dictator DeLeo has so far refused to meet with the students, though Spilka did briefly.


DeLeo runs a tight ship on Beacon Hill and is not accustomed to being challenged by his members who essentially jump to his every command. He can't control a bunch of college students who are demanding a fair shake, and so he lashes out at them accusing them of employing "Trumpian tactics" in their protests. Essentially, DeLeo says the kids are lying when they say he has threatened to have them arrested and when they say the State House employs facial recognition software.

Speaker DeLeo issued a statement on the matter: "Whether they’re alleging they were threatened with arrest, ignored or that the State House uses facial recognition technology, these students have opted to present their own, wildly inaccurate facts. There was no threat of arrest, there is no such technology used at the State House, and my staff and House members met with them on multiple occasions. These Trumpian tactics are both offensive and counterproductive."

WBSM File Photo
WBSM File Photo

Nice smokescreen. The students have a right to be angry with the extremely high cost of higher education in Massachusetts and the likelihood of yet another tuition increase looming. DeLeo would rather focus on their "Trumpian tactics" than the issues.

Speaker DeLeo should get off of his high horse and meet with the students immediately. If their version of the facts is incorrect or exaggerated, then tell them that to their face. Listen to their concerns, Mr. Speaker, and do something about lowering the high cost of higher education in Massachusetts.

God knows their parents pay enough in taxes.

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