Shaw's customers in Dartmouth will be getting a more interesting selection to choose from.

On Monday night, the Dartmouth Select Board approved the Shaw's located near Buttonwood Bark for the town's last available beer and wine license.

The store plans to undergo renovations to make room for an additional two aisles and separate storage room for alcoholic products.

The store plans to feature a gate to close the section off during non-approved alcohol sale hours.

Shaw's representative Nicholas Zozula says the company doesn't expect to compete with any nearby package stores, including one in the same plaza.

"The Shaw's business is not 30 packs [and] nips. It's not kegs [and] singles. They're looking to sell fine wines and craft beers to accompany their food," Zozula said.

Shaw's President Paul Gossett said he expects the alcohol sales to only account for 4-5% of the store's footprint, similar to their 6 other Massachusetts locations with liquor licenses.

By law, Shaw's is only allow 7 liquor licenses total in the state, with Dartmouth becoming their 7th.

Now, the supermarket will have to wait until the state reviews and approves the license before they can begin selling alcohol. Officials expect the process to take 4-10 weeks.

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