Phase Three is certainly less restrictive than the previous two phases, but COVID-19 safety guidelines are still making some events nearly impossible. From parties to weddings and everything in between, we've definitely had to cut back on some traditions and celebrations.

Since Phase One included the opening of beaches, the Town of Dartmouth was hopeful to once again welcome residents to Apponagansett for the beloved Summer Music Concert Series. The first event should have been held on Wednesday, June 10. However, all events have been canceled through Wednesday, July 22 as state guidelines cannot allow for more than 100 people to gather in an enclosed outdoor space. WBSM called the Town of Dartmouth Parks and Recreation office. A rep explained that the capacity would include the staff and band members, so it's just not feasible to hold those events until that restriction has been loosened or lifted completely.

Dartmouth Parks and Recreation is playing the waiting game, canceling concerts week to week, hopeful that one day we can rock out at Apponaganset before the summer ends.

It would be nice to hear the Loose Screws on Wednesday, June 29 followed by the bands that are scheduled to perform in August like Sidecar Radio, ECA, Wild Nites, Look n' Back.

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