DARTMOUTH — Dartmouth Police have saved a man $27,000 after he nearly fell victim to a vicious scam.

Dartmouth Police received a call Thursday night from a concerned daughter who believed her father was being duped by a possible scam. The man had received a call from someone claiming to be the "Attorney General of National Security," informing him that he owed $27,000 that needed to be paid in the form of gift cards.

The victim complied with the scammer's request, and purchased 27 gift cards for Walmart, worth $1,000 each.

Fortunately, Dartmouth Police Officer Justin Amaral arrived in time to prevent the victim from giving the scammer the information on the cards.

Officer Amaral was also able to help the man get a refund on the gift cards.

Dartmouth Police warn the public that if you legitimately owe the government money, they will never call and request payment in the form of gift cards.

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