DARTMOUTH — Someone in Dartmouth apparently has a lot to be thankful for: police posted to social media Thursday a message from a person who had previously been arrested for drunk driving, thanking the department for giving them a wake-up call.

According to police, the person — who police said would remain unidentified — told the department that following their 2021 arrest and overnight stay at Ash Street Jail on drunk driving charges, they have managed to remain sober for 10 months.

In a post to the department's Facebook page on Thursday morning, police noted, "It's a rarity that we receive a message this meaningful."

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Rarer still, according to police, is that the person asks the department to share their story "to help others who might be struggling."

"We wish this person continued success with their sobriety," police wrote in the post.

The person wrote in their message to police that they were arrested on Nov. 23, 2021 while driving drunk.

"I was pulled over and arrested just one mile from my home," the message reads. "Although this was by far one of the worst moments of my life, it was also the best possible thing that could have happened."

In their note, the person went on to state that they never thought they'd end up in the back of a cruiser, let alone spending the night at Ash Street, which they jokingly referred to as a "hotel."

"I want to thank the officers who treated me with dignity and kindness," they wrote, adding that they have now been alcohol free for 10 months.

"I don’t recommend the route it took for me to stop drinking but hey," the message ends. "Whatever works lol!"

Dartmouth police wrote that although the person said their name could be used, they decided not to identify them for privacy reasons.

In its post, the department touted "how someone used a traumatic event to turn their life around," adding that the incident also "shows the compassionate side of police work".

The post has seen more than 600 "likes" and dozens of comments in support of the person and all those struggling with sobriety.

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