The Dartmouth Police Department has once again used its trademark humor on social media to respond to critics of a previous post that some found offensive.

Earlier this week, the Dartmouth Police posted to the department Facebook page a surveillance photo of a shirtless man who had allegedly stolen groceries from a local store. In typical DPD fashion, the post used humor to draw attention to their search for the suspect, making references to him “losing his job as a male model” and offering to buy him a t-shirt if he turns himself in.

The post was later removed after commenters accused the department of “body shaming” the man. Others questioned whether the suspect should be called out for stealing groceries when it might have been the only way he could feed himself or his family.

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Turning the tables on those who felt their humor had gone too far, the department today posted about its “DPD Cooling Station.”

“As we recently hurt a few people's feelings out there when we called out a shirtless career criminal for stealing (who, by the way, we caught with our post), we felt it necessary to make amends, not only with those whose feelings we hurt by calling him out, but also with any potential criminals who are planning on wreaking havoc in Dartmouth during this extended period of extreme heat,” the department posted. “As part of our effort to treat criminals with more dignity and respect, we are currently offering them a nice cool place to relax, hydrate, and use the facilities, if need be.”

The post was accompanied by photos of a holding cell.

“Though we would love to extend this offer to everyone, unfortunately, we are bound by certain regulations that only allow for us to accommodate those of you out there who either commit an arrestable offense in Dartmouth, or have an active warrant,” the post continued.

The post also promised to “arrange for your transportation in an air conditioned Ford Explorer” and that the department “will not only allow you to try on a pair of beautiful silver bracelets, but we will also help you commemorate your visit with us, by taking a nice mugshot, oh darn it, I mean tasteful photo, of you enjoying your well-appointed accommodations,” the post read.

While some feel the DPD’s satirical posts are unnecessarily mocking suspects in Dartmouth crimes, the posts have proven effective as they usually draw plenty of engagement and shares and help police capture the suspects featured.

Lighthearted posts such as the “DPD Cooling Station” prove that the police can have fun but also understand the way it can be perceived. The comments on the post were overwhelmingly positive for the way Dartmouth Police handle social media.

“See, we can be very kind and caring if you just give us the opportunity,” the post concluded.

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