I came across a photo of the most adorable little piglet I’ve ever seen and the post was from a woman who runs a local animal sanctuary requesting donations of baby items to help make her newest resident more comfortable.

“Does anyone have old baby stuff, like a vibrating bouncy seat, bassinet, playpen (like an extra-large pack-and-play), Boppy pillows, receiving blankets, waterproof crib pads/sheets, stuffed animals, or toys with sound/music? We just got a baby piggy at the sanctuary who isn’t able to walk at the moment and he would love some soft-sided areas to try to lean on while eating and trying to stand, a bouncy to be swaddled in with vibration to increase circulation, and simply some stuffed friends to snuggle with him when we aren’t able to.”

Photo contributed by Deborah Bell-Devlin at Don't Forget Us PET US sanctuary

I never thought that 2021 would start out with me feeling so emotional over a pig, but we saw stranger things in 2020, so who cares? I reached out to Deborah Bell-Devlin to learn more about Wilbur. His name is actually Chance, and they call him that because that is all he really needs right now; a chance.

“It is speculated that his mom sat on him when he was little. It obviously injured him. His piglet siblings started to attack him and his owner found him a mess and bleeding/unable to walk and brought him home. He did a wonderful job caring for him and cleaning him up, feeding him, trying to manage pain with baby Tylenol, etc. He truly went above and beyond what any farmer I know would do for a meat pig.”

The farmer took care of the piglet for a month but wasn’t seeing any progress. Don't Forget Us PET US received him on Sunday, January 10. "We got him x-rayed on Monday and the vet couldn’t find any fractures but speculated significant tissue damage that may or may not heal. We were given meds for discomfort and inflammation. The vet wants to reassess 10 days from now.”

Photo contributed by Deborah Bell-Devlin at Don't Forget Us PET US sanctuary

Since this little guy was bred to be a feeder pig, he will grow to be quite large. Unfortunately, his compromised legs may not be able to support his weight. “In the very least, he deserves to be given a chance, and we just want to make sure it’s the best one possible.” That is why she turned to the Dartmouth community for help.

“I was looking for a few things that might make his stay a little better, stimulating, comforting, and entertaining. We’ve used baby items in the past for other bedridden animals and they seem to take to it! I’ve arranged to pick up a few things that I think will get us through the next week and a half. Then we can go from there.”

Photo contributed by Deborah Bell-Devlin at Don't Forget Us PET US sanctuary

While Chance the Wonder Pig gives it everything he’s got, he could use some positive vibes to keep going. “Anyone and everyone in a position to fight for their life surely could use some love and prayers!”

If you are interested in more information about "Don't Forget Us PET US" or would like to make a donation in support of Chance, please send an email to dontforgetuspetus@aol.com.

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