The Dartmouth Mall is great and all, but it was lacking color.

Cue 38-year-old Tiverton artist Roxanne Blackmore, who pressed her brush to the outer walls of the mall this month. She was tasked with creating two murals: one on the back and one on the front. She completed her first painting in two days.

She's prepping for No. 2.

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Michael Alfonso, the mall's general manager, is familiar with Blackmore's work. He has some of it hanging in his house.

"They wanted to have local artists displaying their work and they went out on a limb for me and I for them," Blackmore said of the mall. "They've never had murals done before, so this was a new learning experience for both of us."

The first mural, at the rear of the mall, is a vivid depiction of an ocean wave. The second will be a giant whale's tail, located to the left of Five Below. According to Blackmore, the mall has to resurface the wall before she can begin painting since the Ruby Tuesday decal is still visible.

Blackmore said the inspiration for the murals stems from her love for the ocean, claiming it's something that "never gets old." You can find more examples of her work on Instagram.

"I've painted at least 1,000 portraits and pieces of waves, shells, surfers, etc. It's my whole vibe," Blackmore said. "I grew up at the beach... It gets embedded into your soul and is something that doesn't leave you when you get older."

Blackmore is self-taught and didn't start painting or selling her work until five years ago.

"New Bedford has a big art scene, but Dartmouth, not so much," Blackmore said. "Hopefully this will spark more artistry throughout the area."

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