Max Amaral is a five-year-old from Dartmouth. His dad, Chad Amaral is the Boston 25 News sports producer. Now Max is following in dad's footsteps getting into television broadcasting. However, Max is taking his turn in front of the camera.

Max has his very own TV segment on Boston 25 News Sports. "Max and Tacko Tuesday" first aired on Tuesday, February 25. This little dude gets to ask a 7 foot 5 inch tall Boston Celtic's player a question each Tuesday after the 6 pm news. How cool is that?

You can find the most recent clip in the video below. Max asked Tacko, "How old were you the first time you dunked a basket?" Tacko replied, "The first time I dunked, I was 17. So, by the time you're 16, if you don't dunk, don't worry about it. Just be like Tacko and dunk when you're 17."

Max also asked Tacko how old he thinks he'll be the first time that Max will be able to dunk a basket. Tacko shocked Max with his answer and I don't think he really believes him.

Max's dad also posted a video on Twitter of the two singing the remix to “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X and it's awesome.

I really just want to see Max and Tacko play a little one on one. I would need the 10-point-lead against either one of them.

You can check out the "Max and Tacko Tuesday" segment on Tuesdays at around 6:50/6:55 pm.

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