The Brockton Fair revealed its cancellation for 2022 on Wednesday, April 13. However, Dartmouth Mall announced the return of its beloved carnival earlier this week.

The carnival is coming to town next weekend and everyone is excited. Bring the whole family for carnival games, rides, and all the delicious carnival food you have been craving since last summer. Here’s what you need to know before you head over to the Dartmouth Mall for your favorite ride and treat at Fiesta Shows.

This year’s Spring Carnival will be located in the parking lot near Faunce Corner Road from Thursday, April 28 through Sunday, May 8 with a gate fee of $2 per person. Please note that the carnival will be closed on Monday, May 2, and Tuesday, May 3.

With 18 carnival rides, games, and food wagons, there’s something for everyone at this season's favorite event.

The Schedule

Weather permitting, the carnival will run on the following schedule:

Thursday, April 28: 6 pm to close; typically 10 pm
Friday, April 29: 6 pm to close; typically 10 pm
Saturday, April 30: 1 pm to close; typically 10 pm
Sunday, May 1: 1 pm to close; typically 9 pm
Monday, May 2: CLOSED
Tuesday, May 3: CLOSED
Wednesday, May 4: 6 pm to close; typically 10 pm
Thursday, May 5: 6 pm to close; typically 10 pm
Friday, May 6: 6 pm to close; typically 10 pm
Saturday, May 7: 1 pm to close; typically 10 pm
Sunday, May 8: 1 pm to close; typically 9 pm

Please note that the closing time is subject to change without notice.

The Rides

Big or small, there are rides for all.

  1. Freakout - Must be 48″
  2. Cliffhanger - Must be 46″ tall
  3. Hurricane - Must be 42″ tall
  4. Spider Wheel - Must be 42″ tall, under 42″ needs adult
  5. Spinning Coaster - Must be 42″ tall, under 42″ needs adult
  6. Thunderbolt - Must be 48″ tall
  7. Fireball - Must be 48″ tall
  8. Top Gun - Must be 48″ tall
  9. Lucky Lizzy - Must be 42″ tall
  10. Magic Maze - Must be 42″ tall, between 36″ - 42″ needs adult
  11. Zero Gravity - Must be 48″ tall
  12. Crazy Bus - Must be 36″ tall, under 36″ needs adult
  13. Hyper Spin - Must be 42″ tall
  14. Pharaoh’s Fury - Must be 48″ tall
  15. Carousel - Must be 42″tall, under 42″ needs adult
  16. Slide - Must be 42″tall, under 42″ needs adult
  17. Berry Go Round - Must be 42″tall, under 42″ needs adult
  18. Train - Must be 36″ tall, under 36″ needs adult


There are no more physical tickets, but electronic cards with “ride credits” instead. Wristbands and Megapasses are available for those who want to enjoy unlimited rides.

  1. The Megapass: Unlimited mechanical rides for the entire day of your choice. The Megapass is only good for one-time use, with no advance reservation required. The Megapass is the only available option for unlimited rides for Friday, April 29, Saturday, April 30, Friday, May 6, and Saturday, May 7. The online price is $40. The on-site price is $45.
  2. Unlimited Ride Specials/Wristbands: Wristbands are only valid on Thursday, April 28, Wednesday, May 4, and Thursday, May 5. For entry on Sunday, May 1, and Sunday, May 8, wristbands can be used for either the 1 to 5 pm admission or 5 to 9 pm admission. The online price is $30 per person. The on-site price is $35.
  3. Individual Ride Tickets: The electronic card is pre-loaded and acts as a debit card that you swipe to redeem credits for rides. Please note that the ticket card machine may not be accessible within an hour of the carnival closing to prevent people from running out of time to redeem the credits they purchase.

All ticket sales are final are there will be no refunds. Wristbands are limited to the days and times listed above. The Megapass is valid any day for the entire day. Exclusions and restrictions may apply at the sole discretion of Fiesta Shows.

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