If there's something that I respect a lot, it's when the youth of today works hard for their money. I'm talking about lemonade stands, curbside car washes, or having their own table at a yard sale. Whatever the occasion may be, it's the principle of the hustle that's most admirable.

That's exactly what's happening over in Dartmouth at Hixville Livery Stables.

Family owned and operated, Hixville Livery Stables offer horse riding lessons and new as of this week, pony rides. Sandy Gosselin, the owner of the farm, is also the great aunt and guardian of a group of kids – Liam, Lucas, Levi, and Logan – who not only love horses, but they enjoy going to horse shows to watch the professional riders perform. These shows, however, come with a price – and a hefty one at that.

"The boys have been here with me for a couple of months and really enjoy going to horse shows," Gosselin said. "It's not cheap, but it's a fun activity for them."

The boys wanted to make their own money so they can attend these shows more often, so that's when she gave them the idea to have pony rides for kids since their love for horses can be a win-win situation.

"I told them to saddle the pony and horse up and start offering some rides to the public," Gosselin said.

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They're called the Queen's Horsemen, and they now offer pony rides every Wednesday and Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Eleven -year-old Logan is one of the boys involved with the project who is excited to see what this new business will bring.

"I've been riding for many years," Logan said. "We kind of wanted our own money, instead of having our aunt spend money on us, so we figured out we could have pony rides to solve that problem."

This is the very first week for the Queen's Horsemen and so far the kids have raised $60 with their two horses:"Six" who is 17 years old, and "Buttercup" who is a 19-year-old pony.

"Thank you for coming and having pony rides and helping us to get to the horse shows," Logan said. "We're going to a horse show this weekend in Connecticut and I can't wait, I love watching the riders."

Courtesy Kristen Pacheco/Adam Baptista Jr.
Courtesy Kristen Pacheco/Adam Baptista Jr.

If anyone is interested in some family fun, check out the pony rides down at Hixville Livery Stables in Dartmouth, located at 1163 North Hixville Road.

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