For the last five years, David Tatelbaum has taken to Facebook to give his Big Value Outlet shoppers a glimpse into his store, showcasing the odd items that come in week after week. Sometimes he's in the toy aisle, others the party aisle, and he makes a trip to the rug department every now and again.

No matter where he goes, the dozens of videos all start the same way:

"Hey John, Dave here."

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Just take a look.

While Tatelbaum often had guests in his videos including friends, his wife Jan and even the tenants from the neighboring gym, we've never really seen this John person.

Until now.

Now that Dartmouth's beloved Big Value is in its final days, we figured we'd dig into who the man behind the camera was.

Say "Hey, John" to John Theriault, Big Value's long-standing video guy.

John Theriault Linkedin
John Theriault Big Value Video/Producer

Crazy, right?

Maybe Tatelbaum needs to record a "Bye, John" reel.

Theriault gave us some inside info on what might be next for Tatelbaum and his wife Jan.

"I know David bought a small sailboat recently, so he's looking forward to using that in Padanaram harbor. They'll also be traveling and volunteering for local organizations like Gifts to Give."

Another lingering question after a recent visit to Big Value, one that has yet to be answered: What will happen to the beloved coin-operated horsey that has sat outside the store for years?

Tatelbaum purchased the pony brand new back in the '80s. So many SouthCoast children have taken a ride and we know plenty of places that would welcome it outside their store. Knowing the Tatelbaums and their giving nature, it's going to end up somewhere it will make many more children happy.

We asked Tatelbaum if he could share with us where the ride is going to end up.

"We have had plenty of requests and ideas of where it should end up and didn't realize how popular it really was but I promise we will find a good new home for it and let you know where it ends up," he said.

One thing is for sure: Big Value will be greatly missed.

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