A campus task force has been named by the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester to gauge the opinions of the Holy Cross community on whether or not keep the Crusader name and symbol. This topic has surfaced before. And there are two sides to this story.

Massacres and persecution of Jews by Christians at the time of the Crusades remain a bitter memory. Back in 1993, Professor Alan Dershowitz appealed for the Crusader symbol to be retired because of its negative connotations. Muslim people were also affected by the Crusades in the 11th or 12th centuries. And in the minds of some Jews and Muslims around the globe, Crusaders might have a negative connotation. But in the words of former Holy Cross President, Rev. John Brooks, "In the minds of Christians, the Holy Cross symbolizes that we walk in Christ's footsteps, that our sins were forgiven us; Christ died, and we had redemption." In short, Christians don't associate it with big bad guy Crusaders' that did terrible things.

I favor keeping the name and symbol. To me, a Crusader means somebody who's fighting for others, for a higher and positive cause and purpose. One of the truest signs of maturity is the ability to disagree with someone while still remaining respectful.

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