“What did the lemon say when he had to build a house? Easy Peasy, myself, squeezy.”

The best way to turn your lemonade stand design into a real-life stand is to build a tiny version of it so you can see what your business could look like. Hunter is a 10-year-old boy who built a small prototype of his lemonade stand out of Lego bricks.

“There’s some neat stuff like this girl who has her face painted and this one girl is even laughing. Her lemonade must have told a joke to her. We got a skateboard, some bikes on the side, here’s Max, the business owner. The lemonade stand also has this cool liftgate. It stays in a fixed position.”

By building his small prototype out of Legos, he is able to figure out how his design will help him with real clients one day.

“A tip for budding builders: Clean on the outside, a little messy on the inside. You don’t see this stuff on the inside. For example, look at these exposed suds. They aren’t very pretty, to say the least. But that’s ok because my audience is not seeing it.”

Hunter is excited about participating in Lemonade Day in 2020. Lemonopolis is the virtual Lemonade Day City that is helping him prepare for the Grand Opening in July! He is curious to see if anyone else has built their prototype yet.

“Just be creative and build a lemonade stand like mine using any materials, even stuff you find around the house!”

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lemmy at stand

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Get Inspired With These SouthCoast Lemonade Day Stands

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