According to City Council President Brian Gomes, there are over one thousand vacant or foreclosed properties throughout New Bedford.

Gomes presented a motion during Thursday night's council meeting to try and bring banks, realtors, and city officials together to create a plan to make sure these properties don't continue to deteriorate.

"We're asking them to work with the community, to work with the city, so that our city is not deteriorating as we see other cities and neighborhoods start to deteriorate if a couple of houses are forclosed on or abandoned within the neighborhood," said Gomes.

Councilor at Large and realtor David Alves says banks are hesitant to take possession of a home after it's foreclosed on because they don't want negative assets on their books.

Councilors noted that the properties aren't only an eyesore for neighbors, but can result in squatters as well as theft of valuables such as copper.

More discussion will take place at a future meeting of the Committee on Ordinances and Briefings.