NEW BEDFORD — On Wednesday January 31st, Councillor Hugh Dunn and the Neighborhood Task Force executed a property code sweep in the North End area from Logan Street to Beetle Street, and Belleville Avenue up to North Front Street.

Councillor Dunn states, “Every resident of Ward 3, and this City, deserve a safe place to call home. Regardless of what neighborhood somebody lives in, all of our residents are entitled to the same protections guaranteed by our City’s property codes. It is important that all of our properties, whether commercial or residential, are in compliance with these codes."

Dunn continued, “Today, we chose to focus primarily on the Hicks-Logan-Sawyer district of the ward, I had noticed that this area could use some attention. We will continue this sweep over time throughout other areas in the ward. The goal of today’s sweep was to identify any violations or neglected properties, address the violations, and to ensure a safe environment for everyone.”

The sweep identified 21 non-compliant properties in the area that either had outstanding violations, never had an inspection, were vacant or were visually in need of code enforcement. The Task Force will generate letters and telephone calls to owners reinforcing the requirement to have their properties inspected and maintained.

The sweep was made possible by the commitment of all those who participated, including Assistant City Solicitor John E. Flor, the Neighborhood Task Force, Inspectional Services, New Bedford Police Department, Health Department, and DFFM.

--Councillor Dunn release

Courtesy Hugh Dunn
Courtesy Hugh Dunn

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