We've all seen scooters zipping around city streets, and they can sometimes cause an unsafe environment for other drivers.

This is why the New Bedford City Council is looking for state legislators to step in and create new laws that treat scooter operators the same as anyone riding a motorcycle.

City Council President Brian Gomes filed a motion during Thursday night's meeting asking legislators to draft a law requiring these operators to have a valid driver's license, proof of insurance and proof of purchase.

Gomes noted there have been multiple accidents involving scooters and says this action is a matter of safety.

"We're looking to make people responsible for their actions and also cut some slack to the motorists that may hit one of these things and hurt somebody. No insurance, no license and the heartache of knowing that I hit somebody? We're trying to clean that up in the Commonwealth and in our city," Gomes said.

Ward Five Councilor Kerry Winterson says he can't believe there currently aren't any insurance requirements for these operators.

"If you hit my truck, how am I going to recoup that money to get my vehicle repaired? Grab the scooter and throw it in the back of my truck and go to a scrap yard so I can get somewhat of my repair money back?" Winterson asked. "That one always fascinated me."

The Council agrees that laws currently on the books needs to be reworked before more people get hurt.

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