This mild winter has been a blessing in almost every respect. Will we pay for it with insufferable allergies? Definitely. Will it all be worth it to stroll through the daffodil field at Parsons Reserve in Dartmouth a week early? Possibly.

We reached out to The Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust to see if they had a better idea of when these yellow flowers might show off their beauty. “We still don't know when they will bloom. Yes, it has been warm, but we still have another month that could affect their timing. Generally, we can reliably expect most of the flowers to be in bloom by late April. This year we might perhaps be a week or so sooner. It is still too early to tell.”

So, there is no guarantee that we will get to see this Insta-worthy location pop up a bit sooner than usual. However, I’m hoping that we’ll get the chance to stop and smell the daffodils come mid-April. Spring vacation week starts on Monday, April 20 and that would be the best time to visit.

Take your family and friends to see the daffodils in full bloom at 49 Horseneck Road in South Dartmouth. You can check the status of the flowers on the website HERE.

Monkey Head Photography / Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust
Monkey Head Photography / Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust

Parsons Reserve wants to remind its visitors to "not step on the daffodils, do not pick the daffodils, and stay on the wood chipped paths! Commercial photography is prohibited along with props. Dogs must be on a leash throughout the reserve during the spring so they do not trample the daffodil and disturb the fragile vernal pool. Bikes are also not allowed on the reserve. Please respect our rules and enjoy the joys of nature!"

There is an eight to 10-minute hike through the woods from the parking area to the field. This is a steep trail, so please plan accordingly. Parking is very limited. They highly recommend visiting at less crowded times.

DNRT is asking for a donation of two dollars from non-members to help maintain the reserve. You can become a member HERE. The season is expected to last until the middle of May.

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