Massachusetts Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III is the non-socialist future of the Democratic Party. He is doing what he has to do to save this family's party.

The Democratic Party is on a collision course with reality and it needs a champion to step on the brakes and grab the steering wheel before it slams into the guardrail and goes over the cliff.

Joe Kennedy will be the next U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.

Representative Joe Kennedy is a progressive liberal in the best ways possible. He is also a capitalist. He probably supports capitalism because he is a liberal and he understands the important social programs he supports are only available because of the incredible wealth that is generated by capitalism.

Kennedy has spoken about the importance of capitalism in recent speeches:

"Which is why many of you have heard me start talking about moral capitalism. It’s what I want to talk to you about today. How our country can fix this; how we can build an economy judged not just by how much it produces, but how broadly it empowers. With a private sector that takes civic action as a sacred responsibility and a government unafraid to set the conditions for fair and just markets."

Congressman Kennedy also has the strength of character to address the incredible wealth disparity and racial discrimination in the city of Boston, Massachusetts and to do it in public.

"Today, in Boston, nearly 60% of schools can be defined as “intensely segregated” compared to 42% at the turn of the century. Many of those segregated schools are also determined to be underperforming, while schools with predominantly white students exceed expectations. Today, the net worth of white families in the Greater Boston region is $247,500. For black families, it’s $8. For Dominican families, it’s $0."

You won't hear this raw truth about education and wealth from most politicians, particularly the ones who have been in office for decades. I knew Joe Kennedy was running for the Senate when I read his speech on moral capitalism. He is now up against the radical socialist wing of the American political spectrum, and the future of our Republic is at stake.

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