People looking forward to fishing off of new piers to be built on Fairhaven's West Island might not get the chance.

The state-funded project would put fishing piers on both side of West Island's causeway, along with larger sidewalks with handicap accessiblility.

However, many residents say the increased foot-traffic would be dangerous for pedestrians on an already narrow road. According to officials, a petition with about 130 signatures was submitted against the piers' location.

Board member Charlie Murphy tells WBSM News that after losing a loved-one to a crosswalk accident on Sconticut Neck Road, he would vote to withdraw the contract the way it is.

"Just by saying you have a crosswalk does not make it safe, and I know a lot of the residents have brough up some very valid points about the saftey issues and concerns there on West Island. So, I'm hoping the state will work with us to find another fishing pier location," Murphy said.

The state has already spent $25,000 on the project in engineering and consulting costs up to this point.

The project company will have to meet with the Department of Public Works to discuss the saftey issues before re-appearing before the Board of Selectmen on September 28.