NEW BEDFORD — The City of New Bedford’s Department of Planning, Housing and Community Development announced that the city’s Community Preservation Committee (CPC) is hosting two public hearings on February 7 and February 13, at which CPA project proposals will be presented before the CPC. This is an opportunity for the public to comment on the project proposals being considered for funding in fiscal year 2018.

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) was adopted by New Bedford voters through a ballot question in November 2014. This statewide enabling legislation allows communities to create dedicated funding for: Open Space, Outdoor Recreational Facilities, Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing activities in the city. Oversight of this process rests with the Community Preservation Committee (CPC), the body established by the City to oversee the CPA program in New Bedford.

In June of 2017 the CPC hosted three community meetings that invited the public to provide comments and suggestions for the community’s goals and objectives for Open Space, Outdoor Recreational Facilities, Historic Preservation and Affordable Housing that were used in developing a Community Preservation Plan. The input provided by citizens at these well-attended meetings has been incorporated into the Plan, and a final Community Preservation Plan was adopted on August 22 by the CPC.

The CPA fund has over $2.9 million available for projects and in the fall of 2017 began the application process for eligible projects. The CPC is currently in the course of reviewing the proposed projects and is conducting the public hearings in order for the applicants to present their project proposals to the CPC as well as to the community in a public setting. Once the CPC has reviewed and selected the projects, the CPC will recommend project applications to the City Council for final consideration and awarding of funds.

The two meetings will be held in City Hall at 6 p.m., on Wednesday, February 7 and Tuesday, February 13 in Room 314 of City Hall.

On Wednesday, February 7, the following project proposals will be heard: 305-307 Pleasant Street, First Baptist Church Theatre, James Arnold Mansion, Mariner's Home, Seamen's Bethel, Sgt. Carney House, Strand Theatre, Talbot's Apartments and Veterans' Transition House.

On Tuesday, February 13, proposals will be heard for: Acushnet Saw Mill, Abolition Row Park, Butler Flats Lighthouse, Buttonwood Brook Trail, Buttonwood Outdoor Adult Fitness, Schooner Ernestina-Morrisey, Rotch Jones Duff House, South Coast Scenic Greenway, and the Zeiterion Theatre marquee.

For further information please go to the CPC webpage on the City website, or call the Department of Planning, Housing & Community Development at (508) 979-1488.

--City of New Bedford

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